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Gastronomic Tour of Paris

Gastronomic Tour of Paris

Unusual tour of London

Are you ready for an unusual tour of London?  In this article, we will guide you through some of the city’s most curious places that will make your visit unforgettable. We have created a 3-day itinerary that includes some of… Continue Reading →

Discovering Rome in 48 hours

From the treasures of the Vatican to Roman cuisine: a complete itinerary to experience the best of the Eternal City.

Why a nomad lifestyle doesn’t guarantee you happiness

In my last article I was telling you about the advantages of a nomad lifestyle. It might seem to you like a perfectly happy life. But let‘s put the cards on the table! Being a nomad doesn‘t make you a… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons why I chose to live a Nomad Life

Since 2019 I am living a nomad life. And I would never change it back to my old life. But before I tell you my reasons for that, let me just quickly explain what a nomad is.  Formerly, a nomad… Continue Reading →

Explore Berlin like a local

Germany´s capital is one of the World´s most attracting metropoles to tourists and foreigners who want to settle there. As a person who grew up in the South of Germany and who has lived many years in Berlin I can… Continue Reading →

How to prepare for a trip

When you go for a trip, there might be a couple of things to consider and prepare before heading off. If you are one of those people who struggle with all the pre-trip to-dos, you can follow these five tips,… Continue Reading →

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