Tryvium Travels announces Chainge Finance Listing

Chainge Finance lists $TRYV!

Hello dear community, we have a big announcement for you:
Chainge Finance lists $TRYV!

Tryvium Travels has officially announced the listing of $TRYV on Chainge Finance, a growing decentralized exchange platform.

The news has generated great excitement among cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts.
This partnership as a unique opportunity to access a rapidly growing market.

Tryvium CEO Roberto Lista said: “We are really excited: Chainge Finance lists $TRYV!
It represents an important opportunity for investors. Chainge Finance is a highly secure and private cross-chain aggregator and decentralized exchange platform.

There will be a lot of benefits for Tryvium Hodlers and Chainge Finance users, we are excited for this new milestone”.

Chainge Finance, is a revolutionary cross-chain aggregator DEX platform that offers advanced cryptocurrency management, lending, staking and tokenization services. The platform stands out for its decentralized architecture, which ensures maximum user security and privacy, without relying on third-party intermediaries.
Chainge Finance allows true cross chain trading for cryptocurrencies.
The users of Chainge Finance may trade their assets with any cryptocurrency, regardless of the native blockchain of their assets!

A giant step ahead!

Chainge Finance offers a highly secure digital wallet that allows users to quickly and intuitively control the balance and transactions of their cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the platform offers a wide range of token management tools that allow users to safely and privately exchange, buy, or sell their tokens.

The listing of $TRYV on Chainge Finance represents a great opportunity both for the investors, which will access a highly secure and private decentralized exchange platform, and for Tryvium Travels, which makes a giant step ahead of its competition and fulfills its vision: to allow users to travel anytime, anywhere, with their favorite cryptocurrencies, With the partnership between Tryvium Travels and Chainge Finance, users can now access a rapidly growing market and make the most of the potential of blockchain technology.

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As usual, stay updated about Tryvium Travels, there are a lot of things baking in the oven, and a lot of news to be announced, from new partnerships to technological improvement.
The Tryvium Travels ecosystem is growing fast, don’t miss your chance to witness the revolution of the Tourism Industry!

Go on the Booking Platform and travel with Tryvium, enjoy amazing benefits, crypto cash-back and Earn Programs!

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Hello dear community and crypto travelers!

We are thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership for Tryvium Travels!

The most advanced and crypto friendly booking platform has partnered with House of Chimera, Blockchain Researchers and Advisory Group focused on Blockchain start-ups.


At Tryvium Travels devs are always longing for the best technology and the best advisorship.

House of Chimera has understood that, due to the everchanging nature of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, there’s a need for clarity, and simple but professional advisorship supported by data analysis and research papers.

This is necessary in order to recognize opportunities, and to scale up start-ups and projects to the next level.


Supported by strong partnerships such as Polygon Matic, Syscoin Platform (also Tryvium Travels’s partners) and Zilliqa among the others, it came naturally for Tryvium Travels to embrace House of Chimera into its own ecosystem.

Alessandro Sanino, CTO of Tryvium Travels, said:” We are excited to work side to side with House of Chimera, their data analysis and deep research will support and improve our technology, and we’ll be able to offer our best product ever to our clients and our community”.


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