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What is Tryvium?

Tryvium, your next travel partner: host and travel with Crypto

Tryvium is a modern booking platform that incorporates the use of blockchain and smart contracts. We deliver real-world solutions to the challenges and the problems of the travel industry.

Thanks to our partnerships, such as Rakuten, HPROtravel and Hotelbeds we connect our customers with a huge pool of more than 1.500.000 accomodations all over the world, covering everything from the small B&B to the extra luxury hotels.

The Tryvium platform eliminates redundant mediators, offering low transaction costs and fees, both on FIAT currencies and cryptocurrencies:

Hosts will now get the chance to offer improved services to their clients, as they experience lower charges.

Customers will save money and time as they experience easy, fast, and secure bookings of accommodations and entertainment activities. Tryvium infrastructure delivers a decentralized network to create a cost-effective booking platform where both small-scale hotel owners and corporate giants can come ahead and create new business and tourism opportunities.

Read more info on our institutional website about.tryvium.io

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