700.000 new accommodations in over 200 countries for Tryvium Travels.

The blockchain based booking platform Tryvium Travels recently added 700.000 accommodations in over 200 countries, thanks to its partnership with the industry giant Rakuten, expanding its reach to a whole new level. 

The CEO Roberto Lista does not hide his joy for this partnership:

We can now offer over 2 millions accommodations and 100.000 destinations to our customers, who can experience the freedom, speed and security of crypto payments on our beta platform on tryvium.io
This is breaking ground for Tryvium Travels”.

Rakuten is, in the words of its CEO Hiroshi Mikitani, a “global innovation company that empowers people helping them to realise their dreams”. 

The giant corporation, well known for their partnership with the football club FC BARCELONA, is willing to embrace change and disruptive ideas, walking together with their partners on the path of optimistic innovation and future. It has 70+ businesses and more than 1.5 billion members all over the world.

This partnership comes after the former deals with HotelBeds and HPROTravel

Tryvium Travels has also partnered with Syscoin Platform, a crypto leading blockchain that is about to release the NEVM, an updated, faster and more efficient version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, the well known revolutionary smart contracts of the Ethereum Blockchain. 

Thanks to our partnerships with leading companies in tourism and in crypto we are everyday one step closer to fulfill our vision: to provide a user friendly booking platform that allows our customer to host and travel anywhere, anytime, with their favorite cryptocurrencies, effortless and at the best prices the market offers.”

Tryvium has recently closed the whitelist for its first round of seed sale, experiencing an overwhelming participation.

As it reads on Telegram, Tryvium is about to open a round of Private Pre-Sale to meet the requests of its community.

Find Tryvium Travels Whitepaper and TRYV Tokenomics on https://about.tryvium.io

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