300.000 new accommodations in over 200 countries for Tryvium Travels.

The crypto friendly booking platform Tryvium Travels has recently added 300.000 accommodations in over 200 countries to its database, thanks to the partnership with that allows Tryvium Travels to enlarge its Travel offer.

Roberto Lista, Tryvium Travels CEO, said about it:

We can now offer around 1.5 million accommodations and 60.000 destinations all over the world. Our customers have an even wider choice, and we are working hard to release our final version of the Booking Platform, so people will fully experience the freedom, speed and convenience of crypto payments.

The future ahead for Tryvium Travels and cryptotourists is looking bright”. is the world’s leading Bedbank redefining how accommodation, transfers, activities and car rental products are distributed to a global network of travel distributors.

This partnership comes together with the formerly announced Syscoin Platform and HPROTravel partnerships, making Tryvium Travels infrastructure stronger and larger.

Alessandro Sannino, CTO of Tryvium Travels, said:

We are getting closer to fulfill our mission: to provide a user-friendly and modern booking platform that allows customers to host and travel anywhere, anytime, with their favorite cryptocurrencies, at the best prices the market offers. 

Tryivium is even working on an exclusive NFT booking/minting system that will generate real value collectibles with each booking. Stay tuned!”

Find more about Tryvium Travels, such as Whitepaper and TRYV Tokenomics, on

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