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Tryvium Travels will join the fastest decentralized blockchain that mixes the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum 

The crypto-friendly booking platform Tryvium Travels has recently partnered with, in order to provide the fastest, cheapest and safest  transactions available in the Crypto Universe.

Roberto Lista, Tryvium Travels CEO, said about it:

Another milestone for Tryvium Travels, what can I say?
Syscoin is a fully decentralized layer 1 blockchain and the only that scales with EVM functionality.
It will be fundamental for Tryvium Travels, and we can’t wait to Build and Launch on the Syscoin Blockchain!”

Syscoin is the fastest fully decentralized blockchain, including revolutionary features:

  • Nevm Smart Contracts
  • Bitcoin-Merge Mined
  • ZK – Rollups

This partnership comes together with the formerly announced and HPROTravel partnerships, providing growth and traction to the Tryvium Travels Ecosystem.

Alessandro Sannino, CTO of Tryvium Travels, said:

I am extremely excited to work side by side with Syscoin.
We have now partnered with both Travel and Crypto Industry leaders, and we our path is pointing towards a decentralized travel ecosystem, where customers can host and travel with their favorite cryptocurrencies, at the best price on the market!

Another step towards a new era of Traveling, and we are also looking more and more at NFTs and Metaverse!
Let me tell you, the journey ahead is gonna be exciting!

The Tryvium Token (TRYV) is the core heart of Tryvium Travels vision:
Hodlers will benefit from cashback, royalty rewards and an exclusive system of NFT booking/minting system, not to mention staking and liquidity pools that will be announced soon.

Joining the Syscoin blockchain will provide the fastest, cheapest and safest transaction available!

Find more about Tryvium Travels, such as Whitepaper and TRYV Tokenomics, on

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