Same roots but a new direction:

Hello dear followers, I’m here for a big announcement today!

Tryvium Travels, the crypto-friendly booking platform with over 2M accommodations and over 100.000 worldwide destinations, has just announced a complete rebranding of its logo!

“Our path remains the same” says Roberto Lista, Tryvium Travels’s CEO, “but we are so excited to announce the rebranding of Tryvium Travels, that will sign a continuity with our previous steps while embracing the refreshing potential of the Web 3 and the endless possibilities of the latest technology that the blockchain and crypto universe has to offer!”.

Go on our website, experience the new look yourself and book a hotel: Visit!

New logo, new goals:

The new logo, which will appear on and every other official Social Channel, will get a complete transformation.

Tryvium Travels is ready to showcase its full potential, and to please the users with a mesmerizing crypto-friendly booking experience: From the small and cozy hotels, to the extra luxury and VIP rooms, users will get a large choice available in a few clicks, supported by leading partners and a fast, easy and secure transaction system.

The rebranding of the logo will follow the new quality standards of Tryvium Travels, and reflect the goals of the team and the Tryvium Community!

Eyes on the incoming Crypto Universe and Web3:

“At Tryvium Travels we are always looking for the latest tech”, says Alessandro Sanino, Tryvium Travels CTO,  “in our path to democratize the Crypto Travel industry and sustain mass adoption, but we also keep an eye opened onto the new Crypto Fashion and Web3 directions!”.

The refreshed look of the Logo will dig its hands deep into the colors of the Crypto Universe, in a harmonious continuity with its past while bringing new lights and fashion to the world of Tryvium Travels!

The elements of the new logo will combine together, fusing into a new symbol for Tryvium Travels and for the crypto tourist:

🌞 Sun is a new beginning, as each travel is;

✈  Airplane, our symbol,connects people with each other and shortens the distances;

📍 Locator, marks the two fundamental points of every travel: departure and arrival.

More Info:

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