Tryvium partnered with Rollux

A new partnership for Tryvium Travels

Hello dear community and crypto travelers!

We are happy to announce our new $SYS rewards program, and that Tryvium partnered with Rollux.

Tryvium Travels, the most advanced and crypto friendly booking platform, has partnered with Syscoin to celebrate the incoming Rollux launch!

Users will now be able to book any accommodation on and pay with Syscoin!

They will get a 5% Syscoin Cashback.


Tryvium Travels aims to offer the best travel experience and the best Web3 Travel Platform. That’s why Tryvium partnered with Rollux.

The devs of Syscoin aim to build a world where, as their website says, “freedom is in your hands”.
They built an ecosystem that merges the best of Bitcoin and the best of Ethereum, to lead the way of innovation, decentralization and enterprise.

The partnership between Tryvium Travels and Syscoin will improve the Tryvium platform, and expand the Syscoin Ecosystem. Users and travelers will enjoy scalability, fast and cheap transactions, and the security of the blockchain offered by Syscoin.

Alessandro Sanino, CTO of Tryvium Travels, said: “It’s not the first time we work with Syscoin. Our collaboration adds value to our Travel Ecosystem, and we are happy to offer a 5% $SYS cashback to every customer that will book a travel and pay with Syscoin. The transactions will be extremely cheap and fast, and the rewards will be sent directly on the wallet the user prefers.
This is an important step forward for our ecosystem, and we are happy to share it with our community”

Tryvium partnered with Rollux


So, as we said, Tryvium partnered with Rollux.
Syscoin innovation never stops to amaze.
The incoming Rollux, Syscoin’s first rollup layer 2, will bring a true WEB3 experience.

According the Marketing Manager of Syscoin said, the Rollux will be the next big thing in crypto and blockchain. The Rollux has two-second block times and near instant transactions, the perfect combination for the WEB3.
Read more about it on his explanatory tweet: Syscoin Rollux

Syscoin has tweeted about the Tryvium Travels $SYS reward program, sharing their happiness and excitement with their strong and large community.


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Crypto-Cashback Program

The Tryvium Crypto-Cashback Program allows users to earn crypto while booking an accommodation on The crypto projects included in the program will be announced on the official channels of Tryvium Travels LTD.

To fully enjoy the promotion all you have to do is to subscribe on and complete a booking without any minimum spending limit! After 7 days of completing your stay, you will get the tokens in the form of cashback (up to 5%) on your wallet.

What are the Benefits?

Easy & Smart: It’s effortless! Subscribe on, start to travel and get rich cashback directly on your favourite wallet.
Ready to leave: use the tokens you earn to make a new reservation and get more cashback!

How does it work?

Make your Reservation: Find your favorite location among more than 2M accommodations all around the World.

Pay as you Like: Choose your favorite payment method and select the token included in the crypto-cashback program.

Enjoy to the fullest: Leave, enjoy your trip and your rewards with the percentage indicated on the specific promo.

Please Note:

  • This promo is not cumulative with other running promo.
  • You need to contact the support on [email protected] to communicate the address and the blockchain where you prefer to receive the cashback.
  • There is not a minimum spending limit for the reservation
  • You can use the earned tokens to make your next reservation.

Read more on Terms & Conditions


Everyone knows that the Bear Market is the best time to work without the distractions caused by FOMO and bullish trends, that may divert the attention from a healthy and profitable development.

During the last months the Tryvium Team has dedicated its energy to focus on many and important aspects, vital for the success of the project:

  • Rebranding: The refreshed look of the Logo will dig its hands deep into the colors of the Crypto Universe, in a harmonious continuity with its past, while bringing new lights and style to the world of Tryvium Travels.
  • Release of the Booking Platform 2.0: Among the most important new features, such as the filters to sort the accommodations based on their price, and in addition to a new and attractive graphic design, we find an improved user experience and new filters to facilitate searches and get the best possible travel experience. You can visit the new platform here:
  • Launch of the You’re Welcome and Brand Ambassador Programs: they allow travelers to earn tokens by simply booking accommodations on
    The “You’re Welcome Program” offers a $20 cashback in Tryvium Tokens ($TRYV), Tryvium’s ecosystem token, to every customer who books a trip on the booking platform and completes his vacation.

    The “Brand Ambassador Program” rewards customers who invite their friends to join the platform.Thanks to the referral code, both the customer and the invitee will be rewarded in Tryvium Tokens for each valid reservation made by the invitee. You can get more info on
    • $TRYV token listing on the DEX PancakeSwap: The listing of $TRYV on Pancake Swap marks a new milestone for Tryvium Travels, and it meets the requests of a demanding community that is everyday more engaged with the Tryvium Ecosystem. Find the pair TRYV/USDT here:
Brand Ambassador Program


Tryvium has partnered with House of Chimera, Blockchain Researchers and Advisory Group focused on Blockchain start-ups.

Supported by strong partnerships such as Polygon Matic, Syscoin Platform (also Tryvium Travels’s partners) and Zilliqa among the others, it came naturally for Tryvium Travels to embrace House of Chimera into its own ecosystem.

Read more about:

Marketing and Advertising Update

The last part of 2022 has been really exciting for Tryvium, as it saw Tryvium trend on Twitter for many weeks, under the hashtag #BNBchain token and most influential NFT projects. important results in terms of social dominance activities and visibility have been achieved, even outperforming projects such as Syscoin, Floki, Kiba Inu, TTC, BabyFloki, ecc.

The Social Media Campaign consisted in:

– Planned and sponsored posts on SM channels such as Twitter and Meta, articles on the main newspapers such as Yahoo Finance, Globe, MarketWatch, The Associated Press;

– Guerrilla Marketing on crowded Telegram Channels

– Advertising Banners on the main Crypto Platforms as Coincodex, The Cryptonomist, an Email Marketing campaign that has reached more than 10k people

– Sponsored and organic advertising by Top Twitter Influencers such as House of Chimera, Simon Hayes, CryptoLeeX, AltcoinCadet, CryptoInsights and more;

– AMA on Telegram Channels, Newsletters headed to crypto readers and investors from Coincodex database, CoinMarketCap NFT Diamond Giveaways.

Social Dominance

What’s cooking for the future

The Tryvium Team is currently focusing on new big partnerships coming from the crypto and travel industry sectors.

They will improve the booking platform, with the aim to enhance the browsing speed and to add new filters to make the user experience even more pleasant and efficient.

Tryvium will increase the visibility of the brand with ADS Campaigns and Affiliation Networking, collaborating with small and medium travel influencers who can get many benefits from the Rewards Programs.

Intensive development sessions for the new virtual integrations will guarantee a new travel experience for all of the Tryvium users.

Many other things are coming.

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PRESS RELEASE: London, January 31, 2023.

Tryvium Travel announces the “You’re Welcome Program” and the “Brand Ambassador Program”: The future of online travel booking.


Tryvium Travel, the leading agency in the tourism and online booking sector, is proud to announce the launch of the “You’re Welcome Program” and the “Brand Ambassador Program”. With these initiatives, Tryvium aims to reward its loyal customers and offer them even more reasons to book their trips on the travel platform.

Roberto Lista, CEO of Tryvium Travel, stated: “After renewing our platform and improving our customers’ travel experience, we are excited to introduce the “You’re Welcome Program” and the “Brand Ambassador Program”.

We are always looking for ways to enhance our customers’ experience, and these initiatives are a way to reward their loyalty. We are confident that these programs will be a great success and will help further grow our community of travelers.”

The “You’re Welcome Program” offers a $20 cashback in Tryvium Tokens ($TRYV), Tryvium’s ecosystem token, to every customer who books a trip using the booking platform and completes his vacation. 

The promotion is valid for the first booking made by the user on the platform.

This program is a way to thank the new customers who choose Tryvium for their travels and bookings.

The “Brand Ambassador Program” rewards customers who invite their friends to join the platform.

Thanks to the referral code, both the customer and the invitee will be rewarded in Tryvium Tokens for each valid reservation made by the invitee.

The program offers three packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, which will provide greater rewards as the number of invites increases.

This program is an opportunity for Tryvium customers to share their positive experience with friends and make money at the same time, contributing to the growth of the Tryvium ecosystem.


Alessandro Sanino, CTO of Tryvium Travel, stated: “The future of travel bookings is here, and Tryvium is leading the way. We are proud to offer our customers the ability to pay with cryptocurrencies and reward them for their trust through these programs. We are excited to see how our customers will respond to these initiatives and continue to offer them an unmatched travel experience.”

Travel with Tryvium Travel, choose your hotel from our huge 1.5 million facilities catalog, and travel to over 90,000 destinations worldwide!

Enjoy an incredible travel experience and take advantage of rich crypto cashback and rewards for your travels!

*For more info about the “You’re Welcome Program” and the “Brand Ambassador Program” please visit the website.


PRESS RELEASE: London, January 24, 2023. Tryvium Travels, the leading online booking agency in the travel industry, proudly announces the release of its brand new 2.0 platform. This version offers customers an even simpler and more intuitive booking experience, with a new user interface and improved features.

Among the most important new features, in addition to a new and attractive graphic design, is an improved user experience and the creation of new filters to facilitate searches and obtain the best possible travel experience. Tryvium Travels is among the first online booking agencies to accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, offering customers an additional safe and efficient payment option through their partnerships with BinancyPay and CryptocomPay.

Roberto Lista, CEO of Tryvium Travels, stated: “We are always looking for new technologies to improve our customers’ experience and we are pleased to be among the first to offer cryptocurrency payments in the online booking industry

The release of the new platform is a great achievement for us, but it does not satisfy us and pushes us to raise the bar even higher. The journey of Tryvium Travels has just begun, and it will not end until we change the paradigm of the travel industry.

The new Tryvium Travels 2.0 platform is available now on Book your next vacation or business trip with Tryvium Travels and take advantage of the convenience of cryptocurrency payments.
In addition, the CTO of Tryvium Travels stated: “We have worked hard to improve the user experience on our platform, making booking simpler and more intuitive than ever. We have also implemented new features to make reservations even safer and more efficient for our customers. We are proud of the work we have done and look forward to continuing to improve our platform in the future.”


The marketing campaign supporting the launch of the platform has caused Tryvium Travels’ social interactions to skyrocket, particularly with a notable boost on Twitter, Elon Musk’s social network, and Lunarcrush, a platform that objectively analyzes data and interactions of projects in the Crypto Universe. Tryvium Travels, as mentioned by Altcoincadet, is now consistently among the most bullish projects on BNBChain, the native blockchain of BNB, the token of Binance, the leading exchange in the industry.

Book your holidays on, choose your hotel among more than 1.500.000 hotels in over 90.000 destinations all over the world, and pay with your favourite cryptocurrency!

For more details about Tryvium Travels visit the website and read everything about the roadmap, the tokenomics, the whitepaper and much more!


Hello dear community and crypto travelers!

This is a quick update about the Team Building event that took place in Alicante, Spain.

The whole team of Tryvium Travels has met in Alicante, Spain, during the mid weekend of November 2022.


The event took place in an amazing accommodation, the so-called Villa Mistral Buccara, a very exclusive and dreamy location, with a breathtaking sight on the sea, private access to Playa Paraiso, (one the most renowned bitches of Spain), bar, pools, firecamp and everything you may need to relax, chill and enjoy.

The event has been a chance for the whole team to connect, focus and to discuss, analyze and plan all the next steps for Tryvium Travels.
The team got the opportunity to fully immerse itself into the work, keeping the mind clear on the goals, while enjoying the beauty and the relax of a place that has almost zero equals in the world, as you can check on the pictures!

There’s a lot of content coming next, and a lot has been produced while working together in Alicante.


As you know Tryvium Travels is about to move forward, and announce very important news, both for the community and Tryvium Travels. It is a turning point for the entire Travel Ecosystem.

The goal is the same, to democratize the access to the travel industry, and to give the best available travel experience to the travelers and crypto-tourists. at the best prices on the market.

Tryvium Travels will keep you updated about everything that is about to happen, stay tuned, support the community and be part of this amazing travel, we are only at the beginning!


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Same roots but a new direction:

Hello dear followers, I’m here for a big announcement today!

Tryvium Travels, the crypto-friendly booking platform with over 2M accommodations and over 100.000 worldwide destinations, has just announced a complete rebranding of its logo!

“Our path remains the same” says Roberto Lista, Tryvium Travels’s CEO, “but we are so excited to announce the rebranding of Tryvium Travels, that will sign a continuity with our previous steps while embracing the refreshing potential of the Web 3 and the endless possibilities of the latest technology that the blockchain and crypto universe has to offer!”.

Go on our website, experience the new look yourself and book a hotel: Visit!

New logo, new goals:

The new logo, which will appear on and every other official Social Channel, will get a complete transformation.

Tryvium Travels is ready to showcase its full potential, and to please the users with a mesmerizing crypto-friendly booking experience: From the small and cozy hotels, to the extra luxury and VIP rooms, users will get a large choice available in a few clicks, supported by leading partners and a fast, easy and secure transaction system.

The rebranding of the logo will follow the new quality standards of Tryvium Travels, and reflect the goals of the team and the Tryvium Community!

Eyes on the incoming Crypto Universe and Web3:

“At Tryvium Travels we are always looking for the latest tech”, says Alessandro Sanino, Tryvium Travels CTO,  “in our path to democratize the Crypto Travel industry and sustain mass adoption, but we also keep an eye opened onto the new Crypto Fashion and Web3 directions!”.

The refreshed look of the Logo will dig its hands deep into the colors of the Crypto Universe, in a harmonious continuity with its past while bringing new lights and fashion to the world of Tryvium Travels!

The elements of the new logo will combine together, fusing into a new symbol for Tryvium Travels and for the crypto tourist:

🌞 Sun is a new beginning, as each travel is;

✈  Airplane, our symbol,connects people with each other and shortens the distances;

📍 Locator, marks the two fundamental points of every travel: departure and arrival.

More Info:

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State of Tryvium

PRESS RELEASE. London, UK, 25 November 2021:
Tryvium Travels will launch a new decentralized payment system, the Alpha version of the Universal Token Swapper (UTS), on their blockchain-based booking platform.

After the announced partnerships with Rakuten,, Binance Pay and Syscoin Platform, Tryvium Travels is ready to launch the first ever decentralized payment protocol which is truly universal.

With the Universal Token Swapper, users will experience the freedom to book their holidays on the Tryvium Platform with their favorite cryptocurrencies (even their DOG-flavoured meme coin). 

The UTS transparently leverages DEXes to perform a traditional swap of one token into another, with the possibility for merchants to attach their existing sales mechanisms, like invoices or other event-based features, all in the same transaction.

Why choose Tryvium Travels?

Covid has deeply shaked the pillars of the tourism industry, cutting down the stream of revenues and putting hoteliers and hosts on their knees, who were already forced to bear with the industry’s giants such as Booking and Expedia imposing their enormous fees.

Lucky enough, we think the future looks bright: According to “Verified Market Research” we can expect a progressive growth of tourism revenues in the upcoming years:

“Online Travel Market size was valued at USD 866.2 Million in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 1814.66 Million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 9.70% from 2021 to 2028”

Tryvium Travels places itself in between Tourism and the fastly growing Blockchain Industry delivering a decentralized network and a new travel paradigm, based on cheap, fast and secure transactions.

Tryvium Travels has developed the Universal Token Swapper to provide the freedom to travel anywhere, anytime, with the user’s favorite cryptocurrency, at the cheapest prices on the market.

Alessandro Sanino, Tryvium Travels’s CTO and co-founder, said:

“The UTS is a game changer, not only for Tryvium Travels, but for the entire crypto industry.
UTS will provide a new payment protocol, able to bypass the manual process of using an aggregator or a DEXes, by providing an automated proxy of such aggregators.

To put it simply, it delivers a decentralized system where merchants and customers can exchange value (in form of both physical and digital products and services) with their favorite cryptocurrencies with no time wasted on manual and complex Swap transactions on DEXes.

Welcome to a new travel era.”

What is coming next in the world of Tryvium Travels?

Tryvium has recently airdropped their TRYV token, experiencing an overwhelming boost of its community.

This comes only after the Coin Market Cap listing and the announcement of their partnerships with Rakuten, Hotelbeds and

The team is currently working on a complete upgrade of both the website and the BETA booking platform, to better integrate the new accommodations and to provide a friendly user experience, both for CRYPTO and FIAT clients. 

Tryvium stepped into the world of NFTs to deliver a system of Travel and Earn.

About that Roberto Lista, CEO and Co-Founder, said:

”The minting of NFTs will provide a new travel experience for tourists:

With every reservation the customer will be able to gain additional benefits using the specific NFT of their destination, minted and sold/airdopped at our events. The ownership of the NFTs will guarantee travel discounts and tokenized rewards in TRYV token”.

TRYV will be used for the booking payments, providing easy, fast, secure transactions and the best prices on the platform.
Users will be rewarded with cashback, loyalty rewards, special offers and the exclusive system of NFT booking/minting that will generate real value collectibles with each booking on the Tryvium platform.

At the moment TRYV token is available on the Binance Smart Chain and it will soon be present on some of the major EVM-based blockchains.

Tryvium has just announced the second round of the private-sale: it will be an opportunity to invest in Tryvium Travels with a conspicuous discount on the token launch price, before the public crowdsale. The team is dealing with different exchanges, both DEX and CEX, to guarantee the best crowdsale conditions to the users of its community.

About Tryvium Travels 

Tryvium is a modern platform for booking hotels, apartments, B&B, and other accommodations.
The technology incorporates the use of blockchains along with smart contracts systems to deliver real-world solutions to the industry challenges.
The online booking platform connects its users to more than 2.000.000 accommodations in over 90.000 destinations all over the world.

Visit the website to find out more about Tryvium Travels Roadmap, Tokenomics, Whitepaper, Team and Services

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