Everyone knows that the Bear Market is the best time to work without the distractions caused by FOMO and bullish trends, that may divert the attention from a healthy and profitable development.

During the last months the Tryvium Team has dedicated its energy to focus on many and important aspects, vital for the success of the project:

  • Rebranding: The refreshed look of the Logo will dig its hands deep into the colors of the Crypto Universe, in a harmonious continuity with its past, while bringing new lights and style to the world of Tryvium Travels.
  • Release of the Booking Platform 2.0: Among the most important new features, such as the filters to sort the accommodations based on their price, and in addition to a new and attractive graphic design, we find an improved user experience and new filters to facilitate searches and get the best possible travel experience. You can visit the new platform here:
  • Launch of the You’re Welcome and Brand Ambassador Programs: they allow travelers to earn tokens by simply booking accommodations on
    The “You’re Welcome Program” offers a $20 cashback in Tryvium Tokens ($TRYV), Tryvium’s ecosystem token, to every customer who books a trip on the booking platform and completes his vacation.

    The “Brand Ambassador Program” rewards customers who invite their friends to join the platform.Thanks to the referral code, both the customer and the invitee will be rewarded in Tryvium Tokens for each valid reservation made by the invitee. You can get more info on
    • $TRYV token listing on the DEX PancakeSwap: The listing of $TRYV on Pancake Swap marks a new milestone for Tryvium Travels, and it meets the requests of a demanding community that is everyday more engaged with the Tryvium Ecosystem. Find the pair TRYV/USDT here:
Brand Ambassador Program


Tryvium has partnered with House of Chimera, Blockchain Researchers and Advisory Group focused on Blockchain start-ups.

Supported by strong partnerships such as Polygon Matic, Syscoin Platform (also Tryvium Travels’s partners) and Zilliqa among the others, it came naturally for Tryvium Travels to embrace House of Chimera into its own ecosystem.

Read more about:

Marketing and Advertising Update

The last part of 2022 has been really exciting for Tryvium, as it saw Tryvium trend on Twitter for many weeks, under the hashtag #BNBchain token and most influential NFT projects. important results in terms of social dominance activities and visibility have been achieved, even outperforming projects such as Syscoin, Floki, Kiba Inu, TTC, BabyFloki, ecc.

The Social Media Campaign consisted in:

– Planned and sponsored posts on SM channels such as Twitter and Meta, articles on the main newspapers such as Yahoo Finance, Globe, MarketWatch, The Associated Press;

– Guerrilla Marketing on crowded Telegram Channels

– Advertising Banners on the main Crypto Platforms as Coincodex, The Cryptonomist, an Email Marketing campaign that has reached more than 10k people

– Sponsored and organic advertising by Top Twitter Influencers such as House of Chimera, Simon Hayes, CryptoLeeX, AltcoinCadet, CryptoInsights and more;

– AMA on Telegram Channels, Newsletters headed to crypto readers and investors from Coincodex database, CoinMarketCap NFT Diamond Giveaways.

Social Dominance

What’s cooking for the future

The Tryvium Team is currently focusing on new big partnerships coming from the crypto and travel industry sectors.

They will improve the booking platform, with the aim to enhance the browsing speed and to add new filters to make the user experience even more pleasant and efficient.

Tryvium will increase the visibility of the brand with ADS Campaigns and Affiliation Networking, collaborating with small and medium travel influencers who can get many benefits from the Rewards Programs.

Intensive development sessions for the new virtual integrations will guarantee a new travel experience for all of the Tryvium users.

Many other things are coming.

Keep in touch with us on social network:

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Telegram International Chat: @tryviumtravels
Telegram Italian Chat: @tryviumtravels_ita
Telegram Russian Chat: @tryvium_russia
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