Tryvium partnered with Rollux

A new partnership for Tryvium Travels

Hello dear community and crypto travelers!

We are happy to announce our new $SYS rewards program, and that Tryvium partnered with Rollux.

Tryvium Travels, the most advanced and crypto friendly booking platform, has partnered with Syscoin to celebrate the incoming Rollux launch!

Users will now be able to book any accommodation on and pay with Syscoin!

They will get a 5% Syscoin Cashback.


Tryvium Travels aims to offer the best travel experience and the best Web3 Travel Platform. That’s why Tryvium partnered with Rollux.

The devs of Syscoin aim to build a world where, as their website says, “freedom is in your hands”.
They built an ecosystem that merges the best of Bitcoin and the best of Ethereum, to lead the way of innovation, decentralization and enterprise.

The partnership between Tryvium Travels and Syscoin will improve the Tryvium platform, and expand the Syscoin Ecosystem. Users and travelers will enjoy scalability, fast and cheap transactions, and the security of the blockchain offered by Syscoin.

Alessandro Sanino, CTO of Tryvium Travels, said: “It’s not the first time we work with Syscoin. Our collaboration adds value to our Travel Ecosystem, and we are happy to offer a 5% $SYS cashback to every customer that will book a travel and pay with Syscoin. The transactions will be extremely cheap and fast, and the rewards will be sent directly on the wallet the user prefers.
This is an important step forward for our ecosystem, and we are happy to share it with our community”

Tryvium partnered with Rollux


So, as we said, Tryvium partnered with Rollux.
Syscoin innovation never stops to amaze.
The incoming Rollux, Syscoin’s first rollup layer 2, will bring a true WEB3 experience.

According the Marketing Manager of Syscoin said, the Rollux will be the next big thing in crypto and blockchain. The Rollux has two-second block times and near instant transactions, the perfect combination for the WEB3.
Read more about it on his explanatory tweet: Syscoin Rollux

Syscoin has tweeted about the Tryvium Travels $SYS reward program, sharing their happiness and excitement with their strong and large community.


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