Terms and Conditions

Crypto-Cashbacks Program: Terms and Conditions 

Join the Cypto-Cashback Program and earn up to 5% cashback of the amount you have spent to book and accommodation on Tryvium.io

To participate, Users must agree to the Tryvium Travels terms of conditions and meet the following requirements.

How to join the Cypto-Cashback Program

Users can join the program and get start to earn cashbacks only if:

– They make a valid subscription to the Tryvium Booking Platform on Tryvium.io and they accept the Terms and Conditions.
– They make a Qualifying Booking and complete their stay.

Users will get an up to 5% cashback, in the form of the running cashback promo, after successfully completing these steps.
Every user can join the Crypto-Cashback Program.

Qualifying Booking

To meet the requirements for the Qualifying Booking the user must complete a booking and a stay without any minimum spending limit, choosing as payment method Nowpayment and selecting the token of the running cashback promotion.

The payment of the Qualifying Booking must be processed on Tryvium.io, and the user must complete the stay. Users will get rewarded with the promo cashback within 7 days since the end of the stay.

If canceled at any time, the reservation will not be considered as a valid Qualifying Booking, and therefore no rewards will be sent to the user.

How to receive the Reward

Users will receive the cashback on the wallet address they have communicated to the Tryvium support on the official email [email protected]

They may use the cashback also to book a reservation on the Tryvium Travels Booking Platform.

Changes, Terminations and Updates

may suspend a user’s eligibility to get the rewards at any time and for any reason. We reserve the right to suspend and delete the accounts if we notice any activity we may believe is malicious, fraudulent and violates the Tryvium.io Terms and Conditions.
We reserve the right to review and investigate every Qualifying Booking and tokens Cashback and to modify or delete the rewards at our sole discretion if the requirements are not met.

Update of the Terms and Conditions
At any time, and without prior notice,  we may update the Terms and Conditions.
If so, we will post the updates on the Tryvium Travels Official Website, Booking Platform, applications and social media channels.

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