PRESS RELEASE. London, 23 November 2022.

Tryvium Travels is about to launch $TRYV, the Tryvium Token, on Pancake Swap on 23th at 16:00 CET.

After the successful IEO hosted by Kanga Exchange in May 2022 the listing of $TRYV on Pancake Swap is now imminent.
The Tryvium community will be pleased to know that $TRYV will finally be available on the most used and known Dex, Pancake Swap!

Roberto Lista, CEO of Tryvium Travels said:

“The community has asked this for a long time, and finally the time has come for Tryvium Travels to list its token on Pancake Swap!
We had a successful IEO on Kanga Exchange, a centralized exchange, and we can’t be more excited to continue our growth and get another listing. One of our core goals is to build a decentralized and crypto friendly travel network, and there’s no better way to walk toward the path of decentralization than listing $TRYV on the world most famous and used Decentralized Exchange!
We expect more traction, growth and increased volumes!”.


The launch on Pancake Swap is supported by International AMA, conspicuous Giveaways, coordinated social activities from Youtube, Twitter and Telegram influencer, in order  to bring more and more attention towards the world of Tryvium Travels.

The marketing campaign will cover every aspect of the Tryvium Travels Ecosystem, such as:

1) The Tryvium Platform
2) $TRYV and NFTs
3) The Tryvium Gift Experience and the solution to the Smart Box Paradox
4) The Path towards Decentralization 

Alessandro Sanino, the CTO, said:

“Our team has put on quite a massive campaign, and we are expecting great results out of it.
We have led a rebranding phase, with a new logo and a new identity, and we are proud to show our work to the world! The listing on Pancake Swap is the icing on the cake, and it will boost our project towards the goals we want to reach! Stay tuned for the next announcements, more to come soon!”.


The BETA Platform, which counts 2M accommodations in over 90.000 worldwide destinations, is about to be upgraded to the latest and final version, delivering a better UX and a crypto-friendly web navigation, adding more hotels and destinations and thousands of Cryptocurrencies for the bookings.

After the integration of and Binance Pay, Tryvium Travels will implement more hotels and rooms, thanks to the agreements  with the leading partners such as Rakuten, HPROTravel and Hotelbeds.

The listing of $TRYV on Pancake Swap marks a new milestone for Tryvium Travels, and it meets the requests of a demanding community that is everyday more engaged with the Tryvium Ecosystem.

This is only the first of many listings that have been already scheduled and planned, and it will be announced on the official Social Media Channels.

For more info about the project, such as the Roadmap, Tokenomics, Whitepaper and more visit the official website.

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